tracy-janeA Durban event organiser and production manager, Tracy-Jane discovered a new outlet for her creativity when she started ceramics as a hobby in 2002. She first learned to throw on the wheel and then moved to sculpture and coiling.

For years she kept her new love secret from the world, escaping to the studio as often as she could, like a mysterious cloaked lady in romance novels. This was her world – of delicate vases, Italian painted pots, character bunnies, exquisite soap dishes and platters in fine leaf design.

Tentatively venturing into the market, Tracy-Jane’s sophisticated interior décor pieces were snapped up by upmarket décor stores.

Motherhood brought a new sense of fun and fantasy to Tracy-Jane’s artistic expression, and she added Babushka dolls, colorful koi fish and bunnies to her collection. Her Character Bunnies caused a stir and led to her first exhibition “Some Bunny Loves You.”

Finally Tracy-Jane had to admit to what the critics were saying and acknowledge herself as a true artist!