“Some Bunny Loves You”

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Mrs Hollard resides on the La Lucia Ridge. She is a wife of one (Ernie) and mother of two. Her hobbies include shopping, baking, shopping, crafts, shopping, cooking, gym and shopping.

Eighteen year old Angelina Ballerina could dance before she could hop. She was the first ever teenage lead dancer of the Durban Bunny Ballet and this year choreographed “The Nutcracker” together with the KZN Squirrel symphony at City Hall.

Petrol is from lower Umbilo. His hobbies include complete infatuation with Angelina, getting inked and listening to alternative music. Favourites include The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones and Green Day.

Mpumulela (or good luck) is a Traditional Zulu girl from Mtubatuba on the north coast who has happily slipped into the domain of South Africa’s new Economic Elite. However unlike most black diamonds she maintains strong ties to her family and ancestors. She is multi lingual, multi skilled and a multi-millionaire.

Ernie is Mr’s Hollard’s estranged husband. He openly confesses after a few drinks that his biggest handicap is his errant wife. Eighteen holes at Durban Country Club is the only thing that keeps the stress of a thankless Job as CA of Speedy Exhausts, and the pain caused by a mischievous wife, at bay.

Miss Dee Lite (not her real name) admits to dropping out of Law school to pursue a career in the oldest profession on the planet – Prostitution. She makes more than the CEO’s that tend to be her clients. Ernie has been known to dial her number and then hang up as she answers.

Jim Bunny is a personal trainer and life coach. His international publications include “Bunny Bootcamp – jump higher, scamper faster”, “Rabbit Stew – A bunny’s guide to more than veg” and his Times bestseller “Show me the Bunny!” He is also slightly more than Mrs Hollard’s personal trainer!

Basil fell in love with cooking the first time he had a Bunny Chow in Durban. The name terified him but the taste didn’t. Since then he has written recipes for Jim Bunnies “Rabbit Stew – A bunny’s guide to more than Veg” and his own cookbook. “Bunny Chow – Don’t eat me, I’ll cook for you!” He is expected to appear on the next season of Celebrity Masterchef SA.

Vidia is still a child discovering the imaginative world of blanket forts, tea parties and Dress up. Today you catch her in her favourite fairy outfit with dreams of being the leading ice princess in Frozen 2.

Gravel is all about kickflips, ollie’s, nollies, camels, butterflies, deathdrops and 360’s. He’s eighteen years old, sharp as a tack, good looking, charming, funny and a smash hit with ladies from sixteen to sixty. This guy’s a superstar.

Christian scripture traditionally claims there are only three Archangels – Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. However Ingelosi (or Angel) is the other undocumented ‘African’ angel who in the place of a trumpet carries the Golden Vuvuzela.

Jayloshni was raised in Phoenix (KZN not Arizona). She is the receptionist at Speedy Exhausts in Pinetown, a Suncoast Casino loyalty member and a regular at The Hotel Britannia. Today she is marrying long-time family friend, confidant and car sound specialist Navan Sirkosoon.

Walter flew for the RAF Bomber command which operated offensive missions against the Germans in the Second World War. Being tall dark and handsome he speedily seduced a German woman who nursed him after being shot down behind enemy lines. They were promptly married and moved to Durban in 1973.

After the freakish death of five cousins, Gerald was for years (and without success) locked in a legal battle with the Authorities over claims that he is the next in line to the Duke of Bronwick’s considerable late estate. However he remains the only royal residing in a two bed Granny flat in Hillcrest.

Shad is a Scuba guide on the Aliwal shoal south of Durban. He spent two years in Thailand as a dive master, worked cruise ships in the Mediterranean and was the first Bunny ever to represent South Africa at the World Free diving Championships were he was placed seventh.